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Tory-run East Staffordshire Council to freeze council tax

Hot on the heels of similar news from Somerset this morning, Conservative-controlled East Staffordshire Council will be freezing its council tax for 2010-11. The move will be voted through at the full council meeting on February 22nd.

Richard Grosvenor, the council leader, says:

“This budget ensures value for money across council services for our residents and is the lowest level in our council’s history. Our capital projects also continue, with our soon to be opened refurbished Meadowside Leisure Centre, our regeneration plans for Bargates, the inner Burton area adjacent to and including the railway station area, Derby Road, in Burton, and environmental improvements in Uttoxeter.

“There is even more room for continuing our popular community- led development fund and replacing CCTV hardware. All of this excellent progress has to be considered evidence of excellent financial management on behalf of the council.”

The Burton Mail has the full story.

Jonathan Isaby


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