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Why does Boris need to know the ethnic breakdown of transport users?

I've been reading the Mayor of London's Transport strategy. A lot of good stuff there is too. On the section on reducing noise it includes "road maintenance programmes to replace road surfaces with low-noise surfacing where possible" and "introducing speed enforcement measures which do not encourage noisy, rapid acceleration and deceleration" In other words goodbye to the humps. What a relief that these monuments to Ken Livingstone's mayoralty are to be gradually eradicated. During the eight years of Livingstonian terror we had Transport for London bullying and bribing borough councils to put humps down in street after street.

To promote walking with have the proposal of "enhancing pavement space for pedestrians and removing guardrails and other obstacles." Eminently good sense and a welcome prospect of decluttering the streets of our capital from accumulated nannying, Livingstonian detritus.

When I filled in the feedback section I encouraged the Mayor to get a move on in scrapping the Western Extension of the Congestion Charge. ("Je vous ai compris," said Boris over a year ago so why is the question still being asked?)

Also it still includes the usual questions on race and gender. I can just about understand asking about gender (I suppose pregnant women may have different needs to men), but race? Do GLA bureaucrats think that black people have different transport needs to white people? We need Rosa Parks to fight this nonsense


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