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Telford and Wrekin increases grit capacity by 25%

I wonder if all the global warming propaganda about the science being "settled" has encouraged complacency in our Town Halls. They might try to persuade themselves that snow and ice on anything approaching the scale of last February will never recur. Anyway Conservative led Telford and Wrekin Council has not taken this approach. They have spent £15,000 on a new salt barn which has increased their grit capacity by a quarter.

Cllr Steve Bentley, a Conservative councillor and the cabinet member for the environment, said:

"Throughout the Christmas holiday period our gritting teams will be on standby and looking at the forecast they'll be pretty busy. Although we salt much a higher percentage than many other councils do, people still need to be aware that there are still a number of other roads that we don't grit."

I suspect that even if they are paid overtime the Council staff would prefer to do other things than road gritting at Christmas. But keeping the roads working is a basic duty.


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