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Should Councils waive Boxing Day parking restrictions?

St Stephen's Day this year falls on a Saturday. This has alarming prospects for shoppers out hunting for bargains as many councils do not recognise it as a public holiday. A BBC survey of London councils found about half (including mine I'm afraid) will be imposing standard parking fines. Of course the uncertainty will make matters worse.

Haringey Conservative councillor Cllr Alan Dobbie has criticised his Labour Council for planning to go ahead with charges. He says:

"Labour claim that they want to help local businesses and the local economy in these credit crunched times, but their actions suggest otherwise. It's not too late for them to drop their scrooge-like parking charges and provide local businesses across the borough with a huge boost on this year's Boxing Day".

Justin Hinchliffe adds that traffic wardens would "rather spend Boxing Day with their families."

There is a cost for Town Hall budgets if they miss out on the revenue. But with all these empty shops on our high streets shouldn't we give them a break?


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