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Reindeer ban - council leader replies

Rook Cllr Mike Rook, the acting Leader of Harborough District Council, responds to last week's story about the reindeer ban.

Unfortunately the media have chosen to distort the situation considerably – I can only assume that they are short of real news this week. Yes, we had to cancel an event last Friday on the advice of our external health and safety advisor due to the bad weather at that time, and the expected heavy snow and ice.

The concern was for the wellbeing of people who would attend the event. The event had been organised to help boost trade for local retailers in the run up to Christmas. The abortive cost was £1555, and not £10,000 as has been reported. We had booked stilt walkers, entertainers and reindeer. The cost was considered to be a worthwhile investment to encourage local trade.

I am disappointed that the media have chosen to report it in such a manner. Anyone organising an event now errs on the side of caution because of the sheer scale of litigation arising from incidents for which people seem to want to hold someone other than themselves responsible. What a sad day this is for all.


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