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Surrey Council bans alcohol at County Hall

Surrey County Council has completely banned alcohol being available during office hours at their County Hall. I gather this will apply at the staff restaurant and even be applied to official guests of the Mayor and to Christmas festivities.

It strikes me as terribly draconian. A Council spokesman says it is part of "promoting healthy lifestyles." What about promoting individual liberty? Does that agenda have no place at Surrey County Council? What about treating council officers as adults rather than infantilising them? They should be judged according to their performance, their output, not their lifestyle.

The Lib Dems, supposedly in opposition, boast about their involvement in this illiberal decision. It is to "ensure that all councillors and all officers are not adversely affected when carrying out their work." What about the productivity benefits of a calming glass of wine at lunch time after a fraught morning? Or the health benefits of drinking a glass of wine a day?

In any event what is to stop Council officers popping off to the pub in their lunch break? Do the Lib Dems want them breathalysed on their return to the office?


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