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Islamic extremists funded to start schools

Disturbing Telegraph article by Andrew Gilligan about Islamic extremists being given funding by the taxpayer to run schools. £113,411 was paid by the Government last year to a foundation run by senior members and activists of Hizb ut-Tahrir.

This is a group that regards integration as “dangerous” It instructs followers to boycott “corrupt” British elections and its website used to display a message urging Muslims to “kill [Jews] wherever you find them.” 

After the London bombings in July 2005, Tony Blair promised to ban Hizb, describing it as “fanatical”. The pledge was not carried out although the Tories have promised to do so. But for the Government to be funding the indoctrination of the next generation of fanatics is extraordinary.

Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling says it shows the Government were "asleep on the job." It seems to show, at best, the same about some Labour councillors.

The grants, from the Government's Pathfinder and Free Entitlement programmes were administered by Labour- run Haringey Council. (One of the schools is in Tottenham.)

The Centre for Social Cohesion published a report in 2007 entitled Hate on the State which examined the choice of extremist rather than moderate Islamic texts in public libraries in Tower Hamlets also mentioning the libraries of another Labour Council, Waltham Forest. Not that Conservative Councils are immune from these problems. The report also mentioned Blackburn and Birmingham which are both Conservative-led coalitions.

The Taxpayers Alliance detailed substantial funding going from central Government to extremist groups, via local councils. Ironically these were Preventing Violent Extremism grants. The CSC offered more background on some of them.

Gilligan also highlights a new organisation called MCRCIA, Muslim Community Representatives in Camden and Islington Association, which has an endorsement from a local Labour councillor and uses the logo for a Hizb ut-Tahrir campaign.


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