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BNP councillor quits

As their Party leader Nick Griffin prepares for his Question Time debut one of their councillors. Darren Haywood has quit Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council on grounds of "job commitments." he didn't turn up to meetings anyway.

Conservative members in Nuneaton have selected a local candidate Kris Wilson to fight the Camp Hill by-election which  will take place as a result.

Kris says:

“People in Camp Hill deserve better than the shambles they’ve been putting up with from their invisible BNP councillor.  Having taken an interest in Camp Hill over a number of years, I already have a better attendance record at council meetings than the previous Camp Hill councillor.  People in Camp Hill have been let down by Labour, but abandoned by the BNP.  The time has come to do something about that. I want to make a straightforward pledge: I will work to make life better for all residents in Camp Hill – not just those who live in the regeneration zone.  That means cleaner and safer streets, it means spending residents’ council tax money wisely and making sure that residents are heard by decision makers.  That will be the difference with a Conservative councillor.”

The move was welcomed by Council Leader Peter Gilbert, says:

“Kris Wilson has already proven his commitment to Camp Hill, having stood as a candidate on several occasions.  If he is elected, I know he will make a committed and capable councillor, and I know he will make a difference in the community.”

The BNP only have 57 councillors (not including parish councillors.) They did very badly in the county council elections.  By contrast the Conservatives have 10,100 councillors.


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