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Flintshire Council renames Spotted Dick

Flintshire Council canteen has renamed Spotted Dick "because of several immature comments by a few customers" into Spotted Richard. There is nothing new about the public sector being run according to the preferences of producers rather than consumers. But the casual contempt for this important example of British heritage is startling. Who do these people think they are?

If I was a Council Taxpayer in Fintshire (which is an Independent-led Council in Wales on the border with Cheshire) I would be asking how much subsidy the canteen gets and how many staff use it compared to those who buy their lunch elsewhere.

We have closed the one in Hammersmith Town Hall. It cost £291,775 to run in its last year but didn't come close to breaking even as it brought in just £78,127. Very few Town Hall staff used it because it simply couldn't compete with the glorious and varied cuisine available in the eateries King Street.


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