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Surrey Council recruits £46,000 Olympics co-ordinator

I have already expressed certain concerns about Surrey County Council. Subsequent to that piece it wasn't reassuring to read in the Evening Standard a couple of weeks ago the verdict of Michael Frater, the interim Chief Executive for six months, that the Council was "self serving" and hugely bureaucratic. 

At least the new Council leader Cllr Andrew Povey promised a "fresh start." But this morning there is an account in The Daily Telegraph that Surrey is recruiting a £46,000 Olympics Co-ordinator - even though Surrey isn't hosting any events for the 2012 games.

This is a Council that is Conservative in name only. What is the problem? Let's have a real fresh start.  Are there no capable Conservative Party members in Surrey with a sense of civic duty and a belief in Conservative principles? If there are such people, why are they not serving as county councillors?


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