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Standpoint magazine attacks Brighton

The new issue of Standpoint includes the following comments by Peter Whittle about Brighton:

Brighton. Shouldn't a visit to our most famous southern seaside resort, with its Pavilion and Theatre, be a harmless day out? If your idea of fun is an eternal Camden Market, then maybe. It is rather as if somebody tipped the 1970s on their side and everybody who rolled off ended up here. Achingly alternative, with a fair amount of New Age-ism around the edges, it feels as if it's in the middle of a perpetual student union meeting — a real city of lost causes. The seafront was mugged by some of the worst modern architecture ever inflicted on a small town. On a recent trip, I saw more tattoos and nose-rings in one day than in a year in London, a sure sign that the egocentric but talentless have come to rest here having fled the capital. How Julie Burchill tolerates it is a mystery. Antidote:Aldeburgh.

I am writing to Cllr Mary Mears, the Conservative leader of Brighton and Hove Council and Cllr Roger Warren and Cllr Marianne Fellowes, who represent the Aldeburgh Ward on Suffolk Coastal Council, inviting their reactions.


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