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Social housing rule changes proposed to thwart BNP

After "British Job for British Workers" we have a new slogan from the Prime Minister: "Local Homes for Local People." Local families will get priority over newcomers. Those on the waiting list the longest will get priority than new applicants in greater need.

I suspect that as with the earlier slogan it will be more about spin than reality. The current system of social housing has dependency in its DNA. As I've said before this will inevitably lead to resentments that groups like the BNP will exploit. Tinkering around the allocations policy will not solve this.

Nobody benefits from the present system - least of all those locked in dependency despite the billions spent on them. Surveys show most Council tenants would like to be home owners if they had the chance. They have no desire to be supplicants of the state languishing in soullesss monolithic "housing units." The rival socialist parties can argue about housing allocations. Conservatives should be a real alternative.


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