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Councillor allowances rise above inflation

A Local Government Association survey shows the average basic allowances paid to councillors has risen from £5,648 in 2006 to £6,099 in 2008. Inflation over the period was about 5% (depending on what measure you use and which month you start from) which would have meant a rise to £5,930.

The average in London is £9,739.

For the extra money paid for being a Council leader the average is £17,753. (An average of £37,486 for London.) I don't think there is anything particularly odd about the pay being lower in, for instance, two tier authorities to a unitary one.  

But what is unfortunate that the LGA is not releasing the full data to enable like for like comparisons to be made between different councils. They did so in 2006 but "given the current climate we would like to be a little more circumspect about disseminating it at thie time." Wrong. Transparency is required more now than ever. Sunshine is the best disinfectant as Justice Lewis Brandeis said.


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