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"Charity" seeks to gather attacks on Tory Councils

Some readers will already have spotted the craven nature of the Charity Commission towards groups that abuse their charitable status to engage in left wing lobbying. Christian Aid are among the worst offenders. They use donations from well meaning people hoping their money will be used for practical benefit. Instead it is spent pushing collectivism and protectionism, a formula for famine.

What's this got to do with local government you ask? Well the Campaign for Better Transport, "a Charitable foundation" has sent out the following email missive to its those on its mailing list from Duncan macKenzie of their Campaigns and Communications team:

We’ve been approached by a campaigner in Nottingham who’s alerted us that the Conservatives, who have just won control of the local council, have said they’re going to cancel the planned tram extension there.  So to help, we’ve been wondering if we can find other examples of things the Tories are doing which are bad for sustainable public transport.  Can you tell us if they’ve done or said anything in your area that’s grabbed your attention about local bus, tram or rail travel, planned roads, or airports?  We’re thinking of ‘negative’ things – things that show that they’re hostile to good public transport.  Perhaps also, what they do and say locally can give us some idea of how they’ll really behave in government.
When you tell us what they’ve been up to near you, we’ll try to put that in the national picture and see if we can build up a profile of their local actions and policies across the country.
Please send all your comments to me....

I rather like trams in their traditional form. Although Ken Livingstone abandoned his disastrous plans for monster sized trams along the Uxbridge Road in west Lodnon after spending £34 million looking into the idea. But that is not the point. Here is a charity behaving in the most blatantly partisan manner. If they are not breaking the law then the law needs to be tightened.

I have emailed the Charity Commission for a comment.


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