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Anti Tory group funded by TfL and London Councils

More news of the Campaign for Better Transport, the outfit with charitable status that sent an email seeking information to campaign against Tory Councils as reported yesterday.

They receive £79,639 a year of Council Taxpayers money via London Councils. They also receive funding from Transport for London although I have not been able to identify the sum. Merrick and Boris might wish to reflect on whether higher Council Tax and higher fares can really be justified in order to bankroll a group that digs around for dirt on Tory councils to "show that they are hostile to good public transport."

CBT have now issued the following thoroughly unconvincing retraction:

Good morning,

This is an email to clarify a note we sent round yesterday asking for examples of transport policies being made or considered at a local level, because I realise the note may have come across as party political.

The email referred to the Conservative Party because in the elections earlier this month the Conservatives gained control of 30 of the 34 councils. It should instead have asked for examples of 'council' actions or thinking. Because of the dominance of the Conservatives at the council level, the term Conservatives was used almost as shorthand. It should not have been. We are interested in information about local council transport decisions, not solely Conservative
council decisions.

We are a non-partisan organisation. We are interested in securing good transport policies and programmes, not in party political issues. We work with all political parties to improve public transport. I’m sorry if yesterday’s email gave you a different impression.

I hope this email clarifies things and am happy to take any questions.


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