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Another area where Boris needs to get tough

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson is engaged in an important battle over the tube strike at the moment. So one hesitates to raise other matters. But I was concerned about his justification for reatining Diversity Officers at City Hall which he gave at the Mayor of London's Question Time last month.

Conservative London Assembly member Tony Arbour said: "Let me draw your attention to the fact that under this reorganisation there are going to be 11 diversity and equality officers each of whom have exactly the same job description.  I am hard put to think that that is an appropriate thing for a strategic authority to be continuing to appoint."

Boris replied: "I do think there are issues that need to be tackled around diversity and I am not going to go back into some sort of neutral passive position where we as the GLA say that we are not going to champion active integration.  We should be active champions of integration.  Whether or not that means we have to have quite so many diversity officers or not I do not know, but we cannot abandon that basic duty."

Memo to Boris: Diversity Officers (especially those recruited by Ken Livingstone) do not promote integration. They promote multiculturalism. Division. Racial separatism. Grievance exploitation. To help you decide why not have a poll with the question: "Should Council Taxpayers money be spent on Diversity Officers?" There is little doubt what those of all ethnic groups would reply. If you are still unsure read this very robust article which shows the direction to follow.


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