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Should councillors expenses be made public?

I really think councillors expenses are pretty modest compared to the staggering sums we have seen MPs claiming. But I expect the indignation towards MPs will spill over into suspicions about councillors. Should there be a rule that all our expenses are detailed on our respective Council website? I think the amounts spent on fees for councillors attending conferences or "training" should be included as well as the train fares and hotel accommodation at such events.

This is not to say that councillors shouldn't get any expenses. For instance senior councillors, Cabinet Members for instance, who work from home instead of taking up the allocation of an office in the Town Hall that they could be entitled too. They may well provide good value for money. They release space for staff to be accommodated in the Town Hall rather than expensive additional offices. If such councillors are paid a couple of hundred pounds towards their phone expenses that is probably reasonable.


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