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June 4 elections: Norfolk Conservatives launch manifesto on Facebook

Norfolk Conservatives have set out their ambitions for Norfolk over the next four years with the launch this morning of the Conservative manifesto: A record of action, a promise of more.

Daniel Cox, Leader of Norfolk County Council, said, “Despite the Government continuing to fund this County Council at a far lower level than their own assessment, we’ve delivered on our promises. We have achieved over the last four years in making over £55 million of efficiency savings and recently being awarded the top ‘4 star’ rating, for councils. Our manifesto sets out our ambitions for the next four, including plans to freeze council tax for two of those years.”

At the launch, Bob Neill MP, Shadow Local Government Minister, said, “Norfolk Conservatives have an excellent record of achievement whilst delivering low levels of council tax. I hope that Norfolk residents reward this success by re-electing this able Conservative team.”

In what is thought to be a first, the manifesto was simultaneously launched on Facebook, allowing residents to log on and follow the election in the weeks leading up to 4th June. The address of the Group can be found by clicking here, or by searching for 'Norfolk Conservatives' in Facebook.

Cllr. Cox commented “In this digital age, Facebook has led the way in allowing individuals to communicate with one another and with other organisations. We want to encourage as many people as possible to vote in the County Elections, as it is vital their voice is heard and I believe Facebook will appeal to a broad section of eligible voters."


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