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Hammersmith and Fulham to share legal chief with Kensington and Chelsea

Another example of cost saving through neighbouring Councils sharing a service. Kensington and Chelsea are to share Hammersmith & Fulham’s legal chief Michael Cogher. It means a saving of £84,000.

As part of its recently announced 15% cut in management costs worth £3 million in 2011, Kensington and Chelsea Council has just agreed a deal with neighbouring Hammersmith and Fulham to share their top solicitor. This ever-closer relationship started with the appointment of a joint Director of Transportation a couple of years ago and has proved a great success.

Cllr Merrick Cockell, Leader of K&C said:

"Over the last 3 years we have taken £16 million out of our budget. Some of that we returned to our taxpayers this year through the £50 efficiency dividend. To protect essential services we are returning again to our management costs for further substantial savings. It is great to continue our close relationship with Stephen Greenhalgh and his team by sharing another senior post ensuring that we both get the best legal advice in the most cost effective way."

As well as saving money it will allow an improved service by sharing skills and knowledge. 


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