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BNP field over 400 candidates in Council elections

The BBC report a claim by the BNP that they will be contesting 465 seats in the County Council elections up from just 39 four years ago. In another report Cllr Emma Colgate, a BNP councillor in Thurrock and the Party's "national agent" says: "We are standing about 400 in the country but 75 will be in Essex." Essex is the only county where they will have a full slate of candidates. Lord Hanningfield the Conservative leader of Essex Council warns voters that the BNP stand for "hatred and intolerance."

In other counties the BNP involvement will be more patchy although I understand they are also putting up a large number of candidates in Leicestershire.

What should the response of Conservative council candidates be when faced with a BNP opponent? Should the BNP be ignored or debated with? Should they be exposed for their thuggery and National Socialist roots? Or will such attacks not work where they have plausible candidates perhaps genuinely unaware of the nature of the Party they are standing for?


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