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Labour in Lancashire campaigns for the Royal Mail (but uses TNT)

TNT Having recently reported that Labour's County Council Chairman was too ashamed of his Party to mention its name in his literature, news reaches ConHome of an unfortunate mistake by Labour's Campaign team in the county.

In a move branded as "amazing hypocrisy" by one recipient, Labour have today launched a massive direct mail campaign BUT at a time when many in the Labour Party are questioning the Government's attempts to modernise the Royal Mail, the Lancashire Labour Party have decided to employ the Dutch company, TNT Post, to deliver their campaign literature – postage paid.

Not only is this set to anger the Postal Unions, it is hugely embarrassing for at least one of the candidates featured, for Labours candidate in the marginal division of Penwortham South. In the South Ribble constituency, recently signed a petition entitled...

Keep The Post Public - building a modern Royal Mail
- This is from the Compass, Direction for the Democratic Left website

The candidate who signed the petition - Cheryl Ledward-Lee has also raised eyebrows as she signs herself "Penwortham local Campaigner" in the direct mails hot - a bit strange given that according to the petition she apparently lives miles away in another constituency, namely Chorley, and only two years ago stood in Leyland in a ward where she came sixth (out of six).

Tim Montgomerie


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