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June 4 elections: Somerset Tories seek postal votes from cricket team.

Somerset%20cricket Somerset County Cricket Club are playing away at Northamptonshire in the Twenty20 Cup on election day, but the players did not want to miss out on voting. So, earlier this week, Conservative County Councillors and candidates met with the players to hand a postal voting application form to each of them.

Stephen Martin-Scott, Conservative County Councillor for Taunton & Trull was one of those present at the CountyGround. "It's really important to use your right to vote - even if you're going to be away from home on election day. I'm very pleased to see that Somerset's cricketers recognise this, and are supporting the democratic process in this way. My near neighbour in Trull, Marcus Trescothick, even filled in his application form at the Ground. That really is recognising how voting is important!''

Asked why postal voting was so crucial, Councillor Martin-Scott said, "The forthcoming elections have never been more important, as they will dictate the future success of this County. The wasteful ways of the current Liberal Democrat administration contrast starkly with the Conservatives' promise to freeze Council Tax. It only takes 5 minutes to sign up for a postal vote - you can even download the single page form from your local council's website - and I hope that all in Somerset will do so if they think they might be out of the county on June 4th.''

The deadline for voters in Somerset to register for a Postal Vote is Tuesday May 19th.


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