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Tory woman councillor accused of "sexist" email

Cllr Susie Burbridge, a Conservative on Westminster Council, has been accused of sexism. It came about after a campaign was started over a £1.50 a day parking charge for motorcyclists and scooters. against the introduction of parking charges by Westminster Council. The campaign has included angry demonstrations which it says it will continue with until the fees are dropped.

Cllr Burbridge said in an email to John Cameron, who is involved in the campaign: "To my mind your notice is not a warning. I see it as a threat. A common symptom of the male species. I am delighted you have a passion. I believe in a process where by folks can have their voice, and you are doing just that.  However, we are allowed to do what we see is fit and proper and responsible.  I also have a voice. I believe there should be a small charge."

If a male Tory councillor had made some disobliging reference to "a common symptom to the female of the species" no doubt there would be a great fuss. I suppose hundreds of motor bikes zooming up Victoria Street in protest may seem rather testosterone charged. But aren't there women motor bike riders too?


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