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Tory councillor facing hate charges over gypsies comment

Cllr Robert Fraser, a Conservative member of Leicestershire County Council, is being investigated by Leicestershire police after he was reported for an alleged "hate crime." This is over remarks he made at a public meeting to discuss a proposed travellers site. The meeting was filmed, without his knowledge, and his remarks placed on YouTube.

In response to a question he said: "The Romanians, they'll stick a knife in you as soon as look at you." Although he added that there "might be some good ones" he also said that generally they "make the Irish look like complete amatateurs."

Cllr Fraser seems to confuse Romany gypsies with Romanians - and has naturally caused great offence to both with his sweeping statement. The Romany gypsies were originally from Egypt (Romany being the language they speak) although they did settle in Romania for quite a while.

Anyway, Cllr Fraser has apologised saying he "bitterly regretted" bringing a "racist element" into the meeting. It was "spur of the moment" and heallowed his judgement to be "momentarily clouded."

Should his apology be the end of the matter?


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