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Deselected Tory Devon councillors threaten to stand as independents

Two deselected Conservative Devon County Councillors from Honiton, Cllrs Roger Boote and Barry Nicholson, are threatening to stand as independents.

I don't have any inside information on this but their deselection does seem to have added force as it was determined by a secret ballot of party members. Generally when I hear that deselected candidates are threatening to stand as independents it rather vindicates their deselection as they demonstrate a lack of he essential team spirit. What is the advantage of having Conservative councillors who are only nominally Conservative?

On the other hand there will usually be a mix of Conservative councillors. There will be some who are battle hardened loyalists, who are Party members in standing for whom standing as anything other than the Conservatives would be unthinkable. But there will also be some new to the party who were effectively "head hunted" due to their proven community involement, perhaps in a residents association. This is a healthy mix although I suppose with greater risks that people will break ranks.


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