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Cutting red tape in Cambridgeshire

Tuck-4405As reported earlier this week Cambridgeshire is among the Councils to have been given an award for reducing bureaucracy. Here the Council leader Cllr Jill Tuck says they enforce rules on business in the least onerous way possible.

Cutting red tape is at the heart of what Conservative-led local government should be all about.

It helps people get the services they need quicker, and helps councils do things for less money.

So I was thrilled when Cambridgeshire County Council picked up an award for cutting red tape through our Trading Standards team.

The award was made for our 'can do' attitude in helping small businesses.

So, for example, rather than the shopkeeper falling foul of the law in not stopping underage alcohol sales, we are actively helping them through community based projects such as our Community Alcohol Partnerships. This helps traders from getting bogged down in red tape as well as improve the quality of life for communities.

Even better, particularly in these recession hit times, is that fact that what we do is helping local businesses. One of our aims through the work we do is help them increase sales, not hit them with red tape which makes it more difficult.

So, for example, we work with shopkeepers and staff from migrant communities to help them stay within the law on sales of international foods, but at the same time help promote their business and the fact that food from these stores is safe and meets the right standards.

Regulation doesn't have to be burdensome. In fact if you adopt our approach, it can help businesses survive and prosper.


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