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Greatest hits of 2008: Top 20 policy ideas from this site

I have been delighted at the way so many councillors and others have contributed policy ideas via this site in 2008. Ideas for how our Councils could save money, improve services, raise school standards, fight crime, embrace enterprise. Some big, some small. Some disclosed especially for us, some that we spotted reported elsewhere. Not everyone will agree with all of them - I certainly don't. Some would require a change of Government. But there have been hundreds to choose from.

By way of a nostalgic recap here are 20 that I thought were of interest. Happy New Year and Please keep them coming in 2009:

  1. From Wandsworth. Micro-chipping to tackle aggressive dogs.
  2. From Preston. Banning swearing in the street.
  3. From Eric Pickles. Retain weekly bin collections.
  4. From Brighton & Hove. Don't undertake road works in busy shopping streets just before Christmas.
  5. From Brentwood (and many others): Pay your bills promptly.
  6. From Bromley Scrap your membership sub to the LGA.
  7. From Boris Johnson: Get rid of humps.
  8. From Nick Gulliford: Use Registry Offices to promote marriage.
  9. From Sir Cyril Taylor: Send "Looked After Children" to boarding school.
  10. From Northamptonshire and Swindon: Get rid of speed cameras.
  11. From Hammersmith and Fulham: Allow people to renew parking permits online.
  12. From Bob McCartney: Let Councils open new grammar schools
  13. From Dan Hannan: Give Councils fiscal autonomy.
  14. From Southampton. Give 100% Council Tax discounts to special constables.
  15. From Westminster: Offer apprenticeships
  16. From Cllr Daniel Moylan: Stop funding LACORS, a nannying promoter of the Metric system
  17. From RoSPA: Keep a sense of proportion on Health & Safety.
  18. From Croydon: Webcast Council meetings.
  19. From Hounslow: Manage with fewer Council buildings
  20. From North Kesteven: Use a partnership with a charity to clean up grot spot


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