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Does The Queen have her portrait up in your Town Hall's foyer?

When Boris Johnson became Mayor of London he discovered that by a curious oversight his predecessor had failed to put up a picture of The Queen in City Hall and decided to rectify the situation.

But what are we to make of Conservative-run Mid-Suffolk District Council relegating the picture of The Queen to allow prominence to be given to a piece of psychedelic modern art? Conservative councillor Frank Whittle has complained. Good for him.

Tory MP Andrew Rosindell has long campaigned for public buildings to fly the Union Flag. When we took control of Hammersmith and Fulham the red flag came down and the Union Flag can now by seen proudly flyuing from the Town Hall roof by those driving along the Great West Road. We have also put photographs of The Queen visiting the Borough up in the building.

Does your Town Hall have pictures of The Queen? I think it is an awkward thing for Labour or Lib Dem councillors to oppose. Many of them are republicans but the vast majority of Labour and Lib Dem voters are monarchists. Most Town Hall staff would be pleased and those who don't can always seek employment elsewhere.

Anyway I will email Cllr Timothy Passmore, the Conservative leader of Mid-Suffolk District Council, to ask him what is going on.


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