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Should Councils have "Film Units"?

One of the 100 Questions I suggested councillors ask Council Officers was:

"Does our Film Unit cost more than the extra revenue it attracts from film companies?"

In a way the implication behind my question was rather generous. It slightly implied that whatever revenue is obtained only comes in as a result of the marketing drive of Council officers. Is that plausible? Do film companies choosing a location sit back and wait for Council's Film Unit's to contact them with bright ideas?

I think it's rather fun for people to see their street portrayed in film. Often they can make some modest money to make up for the modest inconvenience that might be entailed. If the Council has to cordon off the road it is reasonable for them to charge a fee and require a form to be filled in and if this is a source of revenue all well and good. Sometimes one of the Council's own buildings, such as the Town Hall might be used and some payment negotiated. But the idea that any of this could justify a Unit with one or more full time members if staff is pretty far fetched.


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