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David Beckham Park... the J K Rowling Library... the Bruce Forsyth School...

Davidbeckhamway_2 This morning's Telegraph reports that local government minister John Healey MP is to encourage councils to give local people a say in the naming of public places:

"I think it's great for local democracy and local pride if people can name their public spaces after the people who are important to them. They may choose national icons. But they may also choose their community's unsung heroes; those who serve others and win the respect and admiration of the people around them."

As The Telegraph suggests, the people of Manchester could choose the David Beckham Park while Edinburgh could name their library after J K Rowling.

Mr Healey will be reacting to a report from the New Local Government Network, a think tank overseen by former Labour minister Chris Leslie.  Local war heroes or community workers could also be recognised.

The think tank urges Boris Johnson to name a London street after every double medal winner from the 2012 Games.

Tim Montgomerie


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