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BNP make first gain since 2004 and Tories win most deprived ward in Wales

  1. Fenside, Boston DC. (Boston and Skegness) BNP gain from Boston By-Pass.  Con vote 18% -1, Lab 11% -11, LD 4% from nowhere, BNP 43% from nowhere, UKIP 4% -11, Boston Bypass 22% -22.
  2. Markfield etc, Hinckley and Bosworth (Bosworth). Con hold.  Con vote 35% -4, Lab 29% -8, LD 22% +14,  BNP 15% -2
  3. North Road, Darlington. LD hold.  Con vote 10% -2, Lab 24% +1, LD 51% -5, BNP 10% -1, Ind 5% from nowhere.
  4. Coronation, Wokingham UA (Maidenhead). Con hold.  Con vote 53% no change, Lab did not stand losing 4%, LD 42% +4, UKIP 4% no change.

ConHome also understands that the Conservatives won the most deprived ward in Wales - Rhyl West (Denbighshire). More when we get it...

UPDATE. Cllr Paul Rogers reports:

Rhyl West Town Council gain. The gain came in the West Ward, viewed as the one of the most deprived ward in Wales.  For years this ward has been viewed as the safest of Labour seats, but thanks to the work of Mike Espley (our candidate)his family, Matt Wright (PPC). John Bellis, Ian Gunning, Rhyl Members and the others who have been out pounding the wet streets we have pulled off a stunning victory.

The result is as follows:

Conservative 158
Labour   147
Lib  67
Ind 22
BNP 16


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