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Two more Lib Dem councillors join us

Checkpointcharlie More defection news. Two Lib Dem councillors on Shropshire Council have joined the Conservatives. Tony Durnell, borough councillor for Monkmoor, and David Farmer, ward member for Bagley, have both signed up as party members and are expected to stand in their new colours as candidates for Shropshire Council elections in 2009.
Councillor Farmer says:

“I have become disillusioned with the Liberal Democrat party nationally and feel they have lost their way, and I believe the Conservatives are the way forward. I hope my constituents understand the reasons behind my decision – I have always done my best to represent them over the past 14 years and I have voted on the issues and not with the party line. I hope to continue to represent them.”

Councillor Durnell says:

“It would have been against my principles to try getting voted on to the new Shropshire Council as a Liberal Democrat and then join the Conservatives. I believe I’m being fair and honest with everyone doing this now, and I will still be doing everything I can for people in the Monkmoor ward.”

I understand that Daniel Kawczynski, their local Tory MP for Shrewsbury, will formally welcome them into the fold next week.


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