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Harrogate. Con gain overall control as Lib Dem defects

Wren The Conservative have gained overall control of Harrogate Council, it has previously been run as a Conservative minority administration. This has come about as a result of the defection of from the Lib Dems. The Lib Dem defector Cllr John Wren (pictured.)  He represents the Woodfield ward on Harrogate Borough Council and the Bilton Nidd Gorge ward on North Yorkshire County Council.  This is the 5th Lib Dem defector in 5 years - 3 to the Conservatives and two to the Independents. The previous balance of Harrogate Borough Council was 27 Cons, 20 Lib Dems, 7 Independents.  It is now 28 Cons, 19 Lib Dems and 7 Independents.  This is the fewest Lib Dems Councillors on the authority in nearly two decades. North Yorkshire County Council has a large Conservative majority.

Cllr Wren said in his letter of resignation:

"The leadership of the Liberal Democrat Group is more interested in scoring points off the Conservatives than in serving the best interests of the Borough and the well being of constituents is my first priority. I have come to see that the Conservative administration of the Counci are more in tune with this sentiment than the Liberal Democrats ever could be."

Many thanks to Cllr Richard Cooper, Deputy Leader of Harrogate Council, for alerting us to this good news. Please let us know of any wooing of councillors from other parties which comes to fruition which you are involved in.


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