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Cameron calls for Councils to pay their bills quickly

Writing in The Observer this morning (in case any of you don't read The Observer), David Cameron said:

"Lots of our small businesses provide goods and services to local authorities, with payment normally coming within 30 days. But Brentwood and Castlepoint councils have led the way in reducing this to just 20 days. These 10 days can make all the difference in paying bills and staff, and helping businesses survive, and I want more local authorities to take it up."

He's right. Often the state is a very bad payer. Also he is also right to look at what the Conservatives can do with the power we already have locally as a test of justifying that we should be entrusted with power nationally. Where we can prove our credentials locally - in cutting tax, going green, fighting crime, promoting home ownership, improving school standards, tackling dependency, etc, etc - we are doing something worthwhile in itself. But we are also providing very useful ammunition to our colleagues in Parliament seeking to prove the credibility of our claims to be able to deliver positive change.

David Cameron's call was one part of a four-point plan for small businesses already covered on ToryDiary.


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