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Oldham Council cuts 850 staff

Images Oldham Council, run by the Lib Dems since they took control from Labour in May, is proposing to reduce staffing levels by 850 to tackle a £17 million budget deficit. The Council has 5,000 staff and it is likely that as with other Town Halls there is considerable overmanning at present. It is also admirable to seek to reduce a budget deficit by cutting costs rather than increasing the Council Tax and behaving as if nothing could be done about spending as if it was some force of nature.

But where will the axe fall? A look at the Council website does not give a clear answer. But the list of job offers advertised includes one in the Equalities and Organisational Development Unit for the post of Policy Officer (Equality and Diversity.) It pays up to £27,594 but you must get your application in by Wednesday.

If the Lib Dem administration are serious about cutting staff while protecting front line services they should leave this post vacant - and abolish the rest of the Unit while they are at it.


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