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Tories gain two council seats in Jacqui Smith's backyard

We should have a few more local council results later today but another headache for Jacqui Smith this morning.  The Tories won two by-elections in her Redditch seat yesterday:

  • Batchley – Redditch DC (Redditch) – Con gain from Lab.  Con vote 39% +1%, Lab 33% -10%, LD 8% -10%, Ind 2%, BNP 19% from nowhere.
  • Arrow Valley East – Worcestershire CC (Redditch) – Con gain from Lab.  Con vote 42% +11%, Lab 31% -17%, LD 13% -8%, Ind 3%.

How long until the excellent Karen Lumley is that seat's new MP?

More worryingly the BNP got 11% from nowhere in the Arrow Valley by-election.


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