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25% vote surge lifts Westminster Tories to victory in Labour heartland

We list the full by-election results from yesterday below but one stands out:

  • Church Street - Westminster (Westminster North) – Con gain from Lab.  Con vote 53% + 25%, Lab 37% -3%, LD 10% no change.

This is the first time Conservatives have held this seat; dominated by a large council estate, including a large Bengali population and with the highest rate of child poverty in Westminster.  It was won with an Asian candidate, Mehfuz Ahmed.  At the last time the seat was fought, Respect fielded a candidate and won 21% of the vote.  Respect didn't stand this time.  In May 2008's Mayoral elections Ken Livingstone won twice as many votes as Boris Johnson in this ward; 1,428 to  705 votes.

Joanne Cash, the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Westminster North explained:

“This result is momentous. It is a clear message to Gordon Brown and the Labour Party that our residents have had enough.  Mehfuz Ahmed who has worked all his life for the community of Church Street where he grew up will make an excellent Councillor. He embodies the positive spirit of the Conservative party and our campaign in Westminster North. We work for the right to represent our constituents. We respect their lives and their families and respond to their needs. They see us working hard, campaigning against crime and for improvements in education and housing. People are realising that if they want to improve their lives it is the Conservative Party which will provide the opportunities to do so.”   

Last evening's other results:

  • Coastal – Boston DC (Boston and Skegness) – Con gain from Other.  Con vote 31% -3%, Lab 4% from nowhere, LD 19% from nowhere, BBI 28% -10% BNP 10% from nowhere, UKIP 8% +1%.
  • Castle Hill - Ipswich DC (Central Suffolk and North Ipswich) – Con hold. Con vote 64% +5%, Lab 22% -3%, LD 14% -7%.
  • Magnus – Newark and Sherwood DC (Newark and Sherwood) – Con hold. Con vote 50% -18%, Lab did not stand -33%, LD 22% from nowhere, Ind 28% from nowhere.
  • Darley – Derby City (Derby North) – LD gain from Ind (elected as LD). Con vote 34% +12%, Lab 24% -9%, LD 36% -1%, Green 7% -2%.
  • Muxton – Telford and Wrekin (The Wrekin) – Con hold.   Con vote 62% +4%, Lab 27% -1%, Ind 8% from nowhere, UKIP 4% -13%.


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