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Tory local government leaders disagree on new LGA ad campaign

The BBC is reporting that the Local Government Association is embarking on a major advertising campaign to promote the work of local authorities.  The campaign is defended by the Chairman of the LGA, Sir Simon Milton:

"Most people just think that the council collects the bins and they haven't the faintest clue of the vast range of services that town halls provide.  From archaeology to zoology, from cradle to grave, councils provide over 800 services to improve people's lives and help them get safe and sound through the day."

But Sir Simon - former leader of Westminster Council and now a key adviser to Boris Johnson - is not backed up by Eric Pickles MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Local Government:

This is a damning portrait of Gordon Brown's Britain. Binge-drinking is spiralling out of control and our streets are littered with mountains of rubbish. Council tax has doubled, yet frontline services have been brutally cut back.  People will be offended that not only is taxpayers' cash being wasted on this propaganda but also that such disgusting images are being used.”

We can't find how much these ads will cost.  A selection are posted below:





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