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ConservativeHome will be in CCHQ on elections night

Last year's ConservativeHome elections coverage won lots of acclaim.  This is what The Spectator's Fraser Nelson wrote at the time:

"The internet really comes into on election nights, as I saw in that BBC pub I was in last night. The Beeb had to wait for results to be announced, as it has for decades, but the ConservativeHome team sitting opposite me had a constant stream of emails from Tory central office and councillors up and down the country feeding the gossip. We were waiting on them to see what’s happening."

This year we'll be aiming to impress again with fast and furious coverage!

We're going to be based inside CCHQ so, in addition to a great results service, we will be on the spot to talk to Eric Pickles, Shadow Local Minister Bob Neil and other key players.

We need your help on the night. Please email us with any news from 'the frontline'.  Please provide us with funny stories, interesting anecdotes and results.

In the meantime please email us with other interesting pre-voting observations:

  • What have been the highlights of your campaign?
  • Do you have very young men or women standing in your area?
  • Do you have candidates from interesting backgrounds?
  • Are there any major Labour scalps that you are hunting?

Do email us or please use the thread below...

For election night we also recommend Iain Dale - who'll be blogging at the BBC - and PoliticsHome.  As well as providing a constantly updated news service PoliticsHome will be providing transcripts from the night's TV and radio coverage.  It aims to ensure you don't miss important statements from key party figures and the night's big winners and losers.


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