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Cameron launches local election campaign: Vote Blue Go Green... and Save Money

Cameron_vbgg08David Cameron was in Dewsbury this morning to launch the local election campaign. His key messages are:

  • Vote Blue: Local elections are a chance to vote and send a message to the Labour Government, both locally and nationally.
  • Go Green: Conservative councils are greener. They are leading the way in the fight against climate change.
  • Save Money: Local people and communities expect their councils to deliver good service and value for money. Wasting public money is a slap in the face to people who live on tight budgets because council tax can swallow a significant part of their disposable income. Conservatives are on the side of hard-pressed taxpayers. We never forget that it's your money we're spending.
  • Be Safe: Conservative councils are also safer. Our councillors are totally committed to fighting the crime, anti-social behaviour, and vandalism that ruins people's quality of life.

11.30am update: The Conservatives have produced a document detailing a large number of initiatives that show that Conservative councils are greener, cleaner and safer. Click here for the pdf version and here for the online flash version.

4pm update:


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