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Eric Pickles attacks attempt to ban prayers in town halls

Another day and another controversial implication of the Human Rights Act.

The body that represents parish councils - the National Association of Local Councils - has warned that holding prayer meetings at local councils may contravene the Human Rights Act or Race Discrimination Act.  The Association may issue guidance recommending that prayers be abandoned in order to avoid any danger of legal action.

Eric Pickles MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Local Government, issued the following statement:

"This is a deeply troubling move. Such absurd town hall political correctness will serve to undermine community cohesion and tolerance towards all religions. Prayers are an important part of the religious and cultural fabric of the British nation.  While the decision on whether to hold prayers is ultimately a matter for local councils, it is outrageous that town halls are being bullied into such a decision by so-called human rights laws.”


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