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Further evidence that Ed Balls wants the economy to fail, so he can succeed

By Mark Wallace
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Balls Ed seriousFurther evidence of Ed Balls' miserabilist tendencies in today's Mail on Sunday:

Defence spokesman Jim Murphy threw down the gauntlet by insisting that the party had to revise its message now that the economy was clearly recovering.

He clashed with Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls by insisting Labour could no longer argue the economy was ‘flat-lining’ – a taunt made famous by Mr Balls. 

Sources say the Shadow Chancellor retorted that there was no guarantee the economic upturn would last.

That's right, the man setting Labour's economic policies sees the UK's failure as key to his own success. Stick to the same old line and hope for the worst.

No wonder he seemed overjoyed when times were bad - and he seems so frustrated now that the economy is ticking up.