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The über-loyalist of the day is Mr Ed Davey

By Tim Montgomerie
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Davey EdMr Davey was interviewed on the Sunday Politics a little earlier.

Andrew Neil asked:

"So Ed Davey, do you see yourself leading the Lib Dems one day?"

Chris Huhne's successor as Energy and Climate Change Secretary replied:

"I’m really very supportive of what Nick has been doing. I think he’s the best Leader we ever had and I think he’s going to lead the party not just into the next election but to the one after that."

Better than Gladstone? Better than Lloyd-George? Wow. There's loyalty for you. And as for being Lib Dem leader for ten more years, let's wait for the result from Eastleigh first. The odds are beginning to favour the LibDems but a defeat in Mr Huhne's old seat will un-nerve many of Mr Davey's less enthusiastic colleagues.