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Over on @LabourList, @LabourPaul has a go at "the colossal snobbery of those who sneer at Tesco"

By Paul Goodman
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Screen shot 2013-01-03 at 17.49.48Paul Richards is @LabourPaul on Twitter, which tells you a bit about what you need to know.  He was Hazel Blears's special adviser in government, but don't hold that entirely against him.  She had sensible views on Islamism, and so does Richards - which is why he wrote, Labour though he is to the bone, in praise of David Cameron's Munich Speech about extremism on this site.

Anyway, he he'written a romp of a piece over on LabourList, taking aim, as the headline says, at "the colossal snobbery of those who sneer at Tesco". He writes in the wake of an even more absurd carry-on than usual in the Guardian about a series of coffee shops called Harris & Hoole which - the horror! the horror! - turn out to be part-owned by...no, no, I can't say.

"Soon protests will be erupted across the places in England where families have three cars, two holidays and private education", [writes Richards]. "It’s easy to dismiss this as yet another example of rich people getting upset over things that don’t matter to the rest of us...But there’s also a deeper issue of colossal snobbery here. People sneer at Tesco because it’s where people on a budget get their food. Tesco is guilty of the terrible crime of providing what people want, at a price they can afford. And as USDAW will tell you, it also provides thousands of unionised jobs in some the towns and cities that need them the most."

Mind you, Richards turns out to know a bit about places in England where people have three cars and so on: he fesses up to having been raised in Gerrard's Cross, for goodness' sake.  In order, presumably, to stave off a high noon between Richards and his critics, LabourList hasn't put up a photo of the Great Man.  But ConservativeHome, as ever, is happy to help Bring It On.  Do read the whole piece - it ends by Richards telling the protestors either to establish a Soviet, or shut up.

Of course, it's easy for me to praise Richards on this site.  After all, he's writing something that I and most Conservatives agree with.  But it's the test of a good website occasionally to allow sentiments to be aired that will send its readers into orbit - one that LabourList passes, on this occasion at least.  Talking of which, I think that David Cameron's doing jolly well, don't you, especially over Europe and overseas aid?