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I'm Nick Clegg and I'm listening...

By Tim Montgomerie
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What do readers think of Nick Clegg's decision to take part in a weekly radio phone-in - at 9am every Thursday morning - on, of all places, LBC? Mr Clegg is, after all, a Sheffield MP and Deputy PM of whole of UK - not just London.

An unlikely defender comes in the shape of David Prescott:

"He’s got nothing to lose and everything to gain. His personal approval rating as DPM is minus 33, Cameron grabs the credit for any Coalition success and his party is regularly slipping to fourth behind Ukip in the polls. And LBC is a really good call. Under its new station manager James Rea (Chris Rea’s nephew, pop fans!) LBC is positioning itself as a national talk radio station. And the liberating platforms of DAB, Sky, Freeview and the internet, means its not tied to the geographical limits of analogue radio. Upto 25% of its listeners are outside London, with a very high internet, iPad and iPhone listenership. This will continue to grow and grow. And if he say’s something interesting, it will get ‘clipped’ and distributed to the other radio stations in LBC’s Global Radio Group. That means Heart, Capital, LBC, Classic FM, Gold and Xfm – a total of 19 million listeners, a third of the UK population."