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Will Mitchell and Huhne embrace, like Wellington and Blücher after Waterloo, at Cabinet in 2013?

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By Paul Goodman
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Just in case you'd missed it, the Sun on Sunday reports that Chris Huhne ("shamed love-rat") will be back next year at the most senior levels of Government ("shock Cabinet recall").

And, just in case you'd missed it too, the Mail on Sunday says that Mr Huhne ("the rallying point for activists") is tipped to be the next LibDem leader ("Clegg's worst nightmare").

Andrew Mitchell is touted today as a possible future Conservative leader by Mike Smithson over at Political Betting ("the narrative is running strongly in his favour").

And Mr Mitchell is also being touted for return to the Cabinet by...well, by nearly everyone.  There isn't enough space for all the citations, there really isn't.

Will Messrs Mitchell and Huhne embrace manfully around the Cabinet table this year, in the spirit of the famous Wellington and Blücher meeting after Waterloo?

There is a famous painting of that meeting by Daniel Maclise, but I have substituted a Close Encounter version by Gottfried Arnold Lehmann, as above.