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Lib Dems say the Tories only want tax cuts for the wealthy... or don't they?

By Matthew Barrett
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Guido Fawkes reported earlier this afternoon that a press release from Lib Dem HQ went out after the Autumn Statement, which read:

"Conservatives tax cuts for the richest

The only tax cuts the Conservatives support are ones for the very rich. At the General Election, their priority was to cut inheritance tax for millionaires. In the Coalition, Liberal Democrats have blocked these plans and instead we are cutting taxes for millions."

A version of the same quote also appeared on a news story on the official Lib Dem website, but has since been deleted. See screenshot capturing the text before it was deleted:

LD tax cut screenshot

Why was it deleted? Well, the Lib Dems now say this was an old briefing, sent by mistake:

But - it was clearly written after the 2010 election, and yet it seems intensely hard, if possible at all, to find any such previous instance of the briefing being issued via the Lib Dems' website. So why and when was it issued (or indeed, canned)?