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D*nny B*yle describes Maria Miller as "M*n*st*r *f f*ck*ng c*lt*re

By Paul Goodman
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Danny Boyle claims that Maria Miller has failed to meet artistic directors, and is extremely angry about it.

He is quoted in the Guardian (where else?) as saying: "Not one of those [artistic directors]has been even approached by this woman," he said. "That is outrageous. This is cultural life of our country. She is the minister of f*****g culture. I mean, come on."

I can't help admiring Mr Boyle's imaginative yoking-together of one of the English language's high words, culture, with one of its lowest, f*****g.  The traditional tribute must be paid after such an occasion.

Namely, the vowels in his name - and any in words that he speaks - will be asterisked out by this website in our time-honoured manner.