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Tories launch first anti-Labour poster of the 2015 general election campaign...

By Tim Montgomerie
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You read it on ConHome first. The Conservative Party launches its first attack on Labour this weekend and it focuses on the Institute for Fiscal Studies' estimates that Labour would borrow £200 billion more than the Conservatives. That's £3,200 more debt for every person in the country. Con HQ have gone for an adaptation of the iconic Labour's not working poster (from Margaret Thatcher's 1979 campaign) rather than the Labour's tax bombshell campaign (from John Major and Norman Lamont in 1992).

The poster has been developed by M&C Saatchi in co-operation with Tory HQ:

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Click on the image to enlarge it.

Commenting on the campaign, Tory Chairman Grant Shapps commented:

"Labour isn't learning. They still think we can borrow our way out of the debt crisis. Their plans would mean borrowing over £200 billion more. They would shackle every person in this country with £3,200 more debt - over and above the debt they already ran up when they were in government. More spending, more borrowing, more debt - Labour isn't learning."

An ad van bearing the poster will be touring Manchester from tomorrow - to greet Labour conference goers as they arrive in the city.

I'll be in Manchester for most of Labour's Conference and will be Tweeting observations throughout the week.