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Cameron seen as tougher, stronger and more competent than Miliband but Labour leader more 'in touch'

By Tim Montgomerie
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Last Saturday we published the first instalment of an exclusive YouGov/ ConHome poll.

That first instalment compared the leadership ratings of Cable and Clegg. Cable won on all five criteria.

The chart below compares the Conservative and Labour leaders ---


The poll confirms the general findings of other polls. David Cameron is seen as tough and also as more competent and stronger than Miliband. Where Miliband scores better is when it comes to caring for the vulnerable and understanding the concerns of ordinary people.

Conservative HQ thinks that Ed Miliband is nonetheless vulnerable on a number of issues of importance to ordinary voters, especially in Midlands swing seats. Part of the Tories' anti-Labour strategy will be to paint Mr Miliband as out of touch on immigration, welfare and crime. Where Mr Miliband has succeeded on the empathy front has been to focus on cost of living issues; the number one concern of floating voters. His squeezed middle phrase has been the most memorable of this parliament and Labour will be campaigning heavily on rail fares and to a lesser extent the price of petrol. Opportunistic certainly but not ineffective.